COBOL to Java Transformation as a Service

ProLeap is the first cloud platform for analysis, optimization and transformation of COBOL legacy applications. Legacy modernization has never been that easy.

The ProLeap platform will be launching soon. In the meantime, try out our demo and sign up to our mailing list to be notified on launch.

Modernize your legacy code with ProLeap

Today, legacy modernization is a mess. COBOL developers are sparse and expensive. Do you want to get rid of your legacy code? ProLeap is here to help. ProLeap analyzes your COBOL or Visual Basic 6.0 code and automatically transforms to Java.

Cloud Service

ProLeap is designed as a cloud service. COBOL and Visual Basic 6.0 source code can be transformed automatically to Java via our REST API, enabling integration into your build process.

On Premises

ProLeap can be installed on premises at your company. Generate Java from COBOL and Visual Basic 6.0 source code via a centralized company web service or individual developer installations.

Customization & Support

Together with our partners we offer support and customization services for your legacy modernization project. Our rule-based transformation engine offers complete flexibility for generating the Java code you need.

Open Source

We develop ProLeap according to the Open Core paradigm. Our ANTLR-based parsers for COBOL and Visual Basic 6.0 are published as open source software and applied by several legacy modernization consulting companies.

Be Notified On Launch

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